Egypt launches Africa’s first environmental flight between Cairo-Paris

Egypt launches Africa’s first environmental flight from Cairo to Paris and tested the flight of their environmentally friendly services led by EgyptAir.

The Boeing 787-9nDreamliner was led by the Egyptian civil aviation minister and had 219 passengers on board.


The flight overlaps with the ministry of aviation’s celebration of the 92nd National Day of Egyptian Civil Aviation, which comes on January 26 every year.

According to Mohamed Manar, “the success of the environmentally friendly trip arrives at the line with the ministry of aviation plan to encounter the outcomes of climate change.

Moreover, EgyptAir aims to use less plastic and material on its flights by decreasing by 90 percent.

It recognised that 27 products made of single-use plastic were used on planes and replaced with environmentally friendly products.

Moreover, the Egyptian airline has set out their timetable for all flights to connect with Europe using environmentally friendly products and services by 2025, to be spread to all airline network flights, Amr Abol Enein, who is the head of the company for EgyptAir, said.

As per his part, the pilot of this flight, Amr Abul Enien– who is also the President of the EgyptAir Holding Company– and will also direct the plane on the return flight from Paris, revealed his happiness to serve the first flight with the flight who have the service of environmentally friendly and products and his dignity that the EgyptAir will be the first airline in Africa to handle this kind of flight.


He also included that “the national company seeks for 2022 to be the first to launch the many other sustainable development initiatives, as a schedule has been set for all flights to Europe with the facility of environmentally friendly products and services by 2025 to be distributed on all flights of the airline network.