Sudan PM resign after an anti-coup protests that took almost 57 lives

Sudanese prime minister Abdalla Hamdok joined as a Prime Minister on August 21, 2019, but resigned, according to a video address from Hamdok. He posted a video on Sunday on his verified youtube account of the Prime Minister office.

According to the civilian-allied Sudanese Central Doctors Committee(SCDC), this announcement came after the Sudanese security force killed three protestors.


Hamdok announced his resignation in a televised statement, saying that he is stepping down to allow “the daughters or sons” of the country to finish the transitional period.

He also complimented the Sudanese people for their determination to demand “freedom and justice” throughout the rallies, saying that “you will undoubtedly have a better future with your revolutionary passion.”

According to the Hamdok, “It’s worth noting that my acceptance of the prime minister in August 2019 was based on a constitutional document and political consensus between the civilian and military components, which I preached as a unique Sudanese model, but it did not survive with the same level of commitment and harmony with which it began.”

Since 2019, Sudan has been ruled by an uncomfortable coalition between the military and civilian groups. The military, however, essentially took over in October, dissolving the power-sharing Sovereign Council and transitional government and detaining Prime Minister Hamdok.

The country’s military chief, Gen. Abdel Fatta Al-Burhan, replaced Hamdok in November as a deal between the military and civilian leadership.

Hamdok would again become the leader of transitional government under the deal between the Hamdok and Al-Burhan, which was first established after strongmen President Omar al-Bashir was ousted in 2019.


Hamdok gave resignation after the three more deaths by Sudanese security forces.

Two protestors were shot in the chest, and one got a violent injury on the head.

Several news organizations and social media footage showed groups of demonstrators sprinting through plumes of white tear gas smoke and dispersing from the sound of gunfire.

They also banned mobile networks and shut all the internet connections.

The rallies in Omdurman, roughly 25 kilometres (16 miles) northwest of Khartoum, were the 14th day of anti-military protests since the October 25 coup. According to the SCDC, security personnel have killed a most minor 57 persons since then.

US Secretary of State Blinken released a statement of his resignation on the day of New Year’s. Also, the Sudanese people were celebrating their 66th independence day and criticizing the violent attacks against citizens by Sudan’s security forces.