Sudan security forces fires tear gas at protestors rallying against military takeover; arrested

Sudan protest is still going on, and nearly 76 people lost their lives till now, and thousands have been injured. Once again, Sudan security forces fired tear gas on February 14 Monday at protestors rallying against in 2021 military takeover, and they arrested numerous political figures and many activists.

As per the reports, thousands of protestors protest in the capital Khartoum and its twin city called Omdurman.

As per the viewers, protests also took place in other parts of the country, in which the eastern city of Port Sudan and the western Darfur region were included.

According to the protestor ‘Khaled Mohamed’, “we are demanding the freedom of opposition committee members and politicians who were falsely arrested and some of whom are facing fabricated charges.”

The opposition leader said that the security forces continuously fired tear gas at crowds, especially those who protested near the presidential palace in the central capital of Khartoum.

Regular protest is going on, and it has created trouble for the whole northeast African nation since the October 25 military takeover led by army chief ‘Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’.

The power grab derailed a delicate power-sharing agreement between the army and civilians, negotiated after the 2019 ouster of longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

Since the military takeover, authorities have arrested many politicians and activists who belong to so-called opposition committees, which play a significant role in organizing protests.

“There are nearly 100 people arrested without any charges by the military troops, said the Sudanese Association on Monday.

On February 13, Sudanese forces arrested Mohammed Al-Fekki, a former civilian member of the ruling Sovereign Council, which led the country under the 2019 power-sharing agreement.

Last week, forces arrested ex-minister ‘Khaled Omar Youssef’ and ‘Wagdi Saleh’ the spokesperson of Sudan’s main civilian bloc, the Forces and Freedom (FFC).

Those arrests arrived one day after they joined FFC representatives for discussions with UN special envoy ‘Volker Perthes’ as part of efforts launched last month to resolve Sudan’s worsening situation.

Protestors on Monday also took pictures of protestors killed since the coup started in October.

As per the group of doctor’s, nearly 79 people have been killed, and hundreds injured during a crackdown on the pro-democracy protests.

On February 12, Saturday, Burhan told the investigation was going on in order to find the cause of deaths.