Sudanese military arrests journalist over coverage of military-coup protest

Sudanese military arrested the journalists over charges of covering protests. However, the locals of Sudanese are demanding the immediate release of all detained journalists and saying stop arresting and assaulting the press members.

Since January 12, these things have been going on in Sudan by military forces in the capital of Khartoum; first, they detained the six press reporters and several media journalists. However, they released them all later.

On January 13, military forces attacked a freelance journalist and tried to run over at least two other journalists with an army vehicle.

All of those journalists were targeted while covering the anti-coup protest, which has been going in Sudan since the time when Sudanese military head Abdel Fattah al-Burhan destroyed the country’s joint civilian-military transitional authorities.

According to the Sudanese Ministry of Culture and Information sources, they removed the license of various broadcast channels, including Qatari satellite channel Al-Jazeera on January 16 Sunday.

As per the Al-Jazeera, the ministry also banned their two journalists, Khartoum reporter “Mohamed Omar” and their photojournalist “Badawi Bashir” with the claim of doing “unprofessional coverage” and reporting like which can damage the peace of the country of Sudan.

According to the CPJ’s senior the Middle East and North Africa researcher, “Justin Shilad”, “By arresting the journalists and withdrawing the license of Al-Jazeera and two of its reporters, Sudan army is showing the hate clearly towards the reporters. However, later people demanded the immediate release of the detained reporters and allowed the media to report freely and stop targetting on Press.”

On January 12, military security forces arrested Chinese state-run Xinhua, the photographer of News Agency, “Mohamed Khidir”, and “Majdi Abdallah.”

A tweet by Al-Araby told that the team member had been released but did not mention how long they were held in prison.

According to that journalist, “When my vehicle stopped, numerous soldiers with rods came towards me and started bitting me. Then, three soldiers began beating Elnoor with rubber hoses and continued beating her as she tried to escape herself. She was in indeed pain and suffered bruises and swelling all over her body because of the assault.”

Then, the team of reporters mailed the Sudanese military and demanded the arrest of the military people.