Sudanese officials in Israel for secret visit on Feb 9, says officials

According to the sources, top and high officials from the Sudanese military government are in Israel for a secret visit on February 9, Wednesday.

However, Sudan representatives are still unknown, and they were seeking advance relations between the countries, they have arrived at the beginning of the week.


No information came from the side of the Israeli and Sudanese administrations.

According to Sudan’s top general, ‘Abdel Fattah Al-Bukhari, who seized power in a coup last year, and also stated that the relationship with Israel might eventually take a natural form.

He further stated that “Normalization ties between the Sudan and Israel is necessary in order to return Sudan to the global community.”

“It was the military, not the civilian leadership in Sudan, that played a significant role in advancing normalization with Israel.”

“Al-Burhan had been played a prominent player leading normalization efforts in Israel.”

Israeli representatives have reportedly visited Sudan numerous times in recent months.


However, Sudan and Israel agreed in 2020 in a bid to normalize their ties in 2020, although progress has been slow amid Sudanese government fluctuation and anti-Israel sentiment among the Sudanese public.

Al-Burhan grabbed power and detained Prime Minister ‘Abdalla Hamdok’ on October 25, 2021, but after international censure and mass protests, he reinstated the premier nearly a month later, in a deal that many in the pro-democracy movement opposed.

However, Hamdok declared his resignation as prime minister in January amid a continued political deadlock last month.

According to Hamdok, while addressing the nation, “I have tried my best to stop the country from going towards disaster.”

“In view of the dissolution of the political forces and clashes between the military and civilians members of the transition after making the whole efforts in order to reach on conclusion… it has not happened,” he said.

Furthermore, he stated that Sudan is going from a dangerous turning point that threatens its whole survival.

Moreover, Hamdok resignation has left the military in sole control of the country. As per the analysts, this protest by the military may lead the country to even more bloodshed and repressive policies after following months of street protests and dangerous crackdowns that have claimed at least 57 lives.