Sudanese pro-democratic groups paves way to UN-brokered talks

The military-coup protest, which has been going on for a long time, is finally about to come to some point where one can hope for the end of protest soon. A major Sudanese pro-democracy group has conditionally accepted the UNs offer to break an end to political deadlock protest, which was going from October.

According to “Jaafar Hassan”, a formal spokesperson for the Central Council for the Forces of Freedom and Change (CCFFC), the council decided to accept the invitation of the United Nations mission (UNITAMS) to sustain conversation between the parties to the Sudanese situation.


Hassan added that a panel would be carried on January 16 with the team of UNITAMS to deliver the coalition’s vision regarding starting the conversation between the various Sudanese parties.

However, another key member of the Civilian group, the Sudanese professionals Association, has rejected the offer of UNs.

Sudanese protestors have been holding marches against the military since it beat the civilian-led group of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok last October. Protestors want the military to stay out of the matter of transitional governing association.

Hamdok was restored on November 21 in an agreement that called for an independent technocratic cabinet under military surveillance.

However, Sudan’s pro-democracy movement criticised the agreement, demanding that the power be handed over entirely to the civilian government. Then Hamdok resigned at the start of January, noting that many disagreed with his demand for the military rulers and the slow speed of reforms.

The decision which was made by the CCFFC’s to solve the UNs-brokered talks comes amid strengthening regional and international efforts to resolve the crisis.


According to the African Union’s envoy “Edewe Bankole,” the primary purpose of the talks was to listen to the point of view of all Sudanese and sort the issues between them.

David Satterfield, the new Us envoy, is expected to come to Africa next week, where he attended a meeting with the US Assistant Secretary of State for African. Molly Phee will meet military and political figures as well as pro-democracy activists.

The CCFFC had named before an end to what it called a state of the coup, an stop to violations, and the lifting of the state of emergency.