Sudan withdraws Al Jazeera license to operate news channel in country

Sudan authorities have withdrawn the license of Al Jazeera news channel. The decision was taken because the channel was violating the government’s rules.

According to the sources, the Government of Sudan also cancelled the accreditation of two its journalist of the nation.

“The Ministry of Culture and Information cancelled the license of two journalists of Al Jazeera Mubasher’s journalist, Mohammed Omar, and one of the photographer of the Al Jazeera, Badawi Bashir, based on showing un-professional coverage of the Sudanese affairs and covering and showing the wrong information that hurts the sentiments and social interest of the country.

Al Jazeera criticise the interference with its duty to share fair and accurate information coverage of occasions in the nation and permit its journalist to operate uncontrolled and to practise their profession.”

“According to Network views, this is an attack open the press freedom as a whole and calls on international human rights and media organisation in order to charge the violation of the journalist of safety.”

As per the point of view of Sudan’s minister that this step is taken because they are broadcasting unprofessional information on their channel.

They added that the channel’s coverage aim was to spread the “social fabric” in the country by airing content that is not disobedient to the ethics and customs of Sudanese people.

This may harm the country highest interests and its national security.

However, Sudan was already suffering when the military seized power last October, beating the civilian-led government of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.

Pro-democracy activists have continuously protested against the coups, with security forces cracking down on the demonstrations. So far, 60 people have succumbed to the ongoing protest, and several are injured, according to the view of Sudan Doctors.

Sudan Doctors are also protesting today’s against the military rules that how they are beating the citizens, and so far, 60 people died in this protest.