Sundanese protestors marches across capital on military coup and political detention

KHARTOUM: On February 10, Thursday, Sudanese protestors paraded in neighbourhoods across the capital, and the country has been suffering from the crisis since October’s military coup and a wave of political arrests.

The seizure ended a partnership between the military and civilian political parties, drawing global condemnation and plunging Sudan into political and economic disruption.

Protests organized by the opposition committees have drawn hundreds and thousands of people, and it is estimated that 79 have been killed and more than 2000 are injured.

On February 10, Thursday, hundreds of protestors decided to take a separate route to renew efforts to march on the presidential palace, but they were met with tear gas and heavy security force present there.

According to one university student of Salah Hamid, a 22 year old, “we will continue this protest until we bring down military rule and bring back the democracy in Sudan.”

Other demonstrations took place across the Nile in the cities of Omdurman and Bahri and farther away in Gadarif and Sennar.

The US Embassy in Sudan said on Twitter that acts of civil disobedience were expected to occur in Khartoum and some other regions, warning of decentralized protestors, road blockages and business closures.

At the same time, the embassy instructed Americans to avoid crowds and protestors and to keep a low profile.

Sudan’s long-standing economic sufferings have peaked since last month, January, by blocking the Northern Artery because that is the key route for trucks carrying exports from Sudan into Egypt.

The major reason for the protest is the sudden hike in electricity prices, especially for farmers, which has grown to reject military rule and seek more support for farmers as well as for traders and has trapped hundreds of Egyptian trucks in Sudan.

While some protesters in Khartoum said, they were against the normalization of ties with Israel that the military has spearheaded.

While others paraded for the more than 2,000 people lawyers say have been arrested since the coup.

As per the lawyer, more than 100 were in prison; this statement came on February 10 Thursday.