South Nigeria: Two people killed in gunmen attack

Two people were killed in an attack. A group attempted the attack on convoy of a businessmen in South Nigeria’s Edo state on February 7, Monday evening, as stated by police on February 9 Monday.

According to ‘Kontongs Bello’, one of the police spokesperson in Edo, the victims were drivers. They were attached to the chairman of a petroleum marketers association in the state, ‘Abdul-Hamid Egele’, the gunmen seized after the attack.


The shooters blocked Egele’s motorcade near the town of Jattu of the state on Monday evening, killing the driver of the car Egele was using on the spot and wounded a security guard. Another driver of the motorcade said, Bello.

As per his statement, the second driver, who was driving Egele’s backup car, died later because of the serious injuries got due by bullets, and he died because of the attack.

Police of the state started their rescue operation in the area, said a police spokesperson.

Armed attacks have been a primary security threat in the most populous African country, leading to deaths and kidnappings in recent months.

Last month, More than 100 people reportedly were killed this week by armed gangs in Nigeria’s Zamfara State, one of the African nation’s most troubled regions.

According to Zamfara state residents, large numbers of armed men invaded up to nine villages in these areas on Tuesday evening, shooting and torching houses. The violence existed until Thursday morning.


As per the reports by the government that 100 people were killed during an attack.

On Tuesday, while the police force rescued 97 abductees, authorities said another tactical police team prevented an attack elsewhere in the state.

Nigeria has been battling violent attacks by ravaging armed groups intent on looting, killing and kidnapping for ransom.

These latest attacks cast doubt on statements by national and Zamfara police officials who have claimed huge successes in battling gangs throughout the region.