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Gaborone: CCP projects launched in Bonnington North

The government of Botswana has launched Constituency Community Projects in Gaborone Bonnington North Constituency.

Chinese Communist Party detains two on religious grounds in Gujiao

New York [US], January 16: A US woman named Shuzhi Kang, from California, has asked for assistance from local authorities, as two of her relatives have been taken into custody by Chinese officials in a Northern Chinese city because of their religious beliefs.

China steps up censorship of tech giants, restricts freedom of speech and expression

Beijing, China: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its authoritarian rule have been imposing heavy restrictions, fines, and other forms of control on tech giants in China in the form of a 'common prosperity' campaign. This campaign emphasizes the transformation of the Chinese economy and the redistribution of wealth in order to achieve a greater level of economic equality.