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Formerly prisoned Afrika Owes, clears Bar Exam in first try

Afrika Owes was charged as part of a gang-related conspiracy case back in 2011. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession, both felonies.

Kikuyu people getting crazy over delicious Kachumbali stuffed Samosas served in Kenya

Kirichu shared a picture of a place where a street vendor is selling Samosa with the Kachumbali filling inside it.

Tunisia is home to a No Women Coffee Shop: Read Here

Tunisia, North Africa: Women are found mistreated...

Djerba’s Bougainvillier Haven: Tailored Oasis for Differently-abled travellers

“The Abandoned Hotel”, named Bougainvillier Djerba, located...

Too Soon: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

The melody of your voice still waltzes outside my door, and the dance of your smile still touches and soothes my ears.