Kikuyu people getting crazy over delicious Kachumbali stuffed Samosas served in Kenya

Digital content creator from East Africa Elijah K. Samuel Kirichu is known for sharing amazing updates and what is happening latest in the African regions.

The entertainer never shies away to tell something interesting happening in Africa. And this time too, he has shared something on his official page Facebook page that surprised all.

Kirichu shared a picture of a place where a street vendor is selling Samosa with the Kachumbali filling inside it.

Digital content creator from East Africa Elijah K. Samuel Kirichu
Digital content creator from East Africa Elijah K. Samuel Kirichu

While sharing the picture, the digital content creator wrote, “This Samosa with Kachumbali hits differently… especially in the early evening, when darkness is almost setting in.”

Elijah expressed that these tastes so good and the Kikuyu people (residents of Kenya) are getting crazy over how delicious it is, “you get to the selling point with an intention of buying just one but end up eating like five of them.”

“This one (Kachumbali Samosa) and mutura (blood sausage dish served in Kenya) should be banned in the streets,” writes Elijah K. Samuel Kirichu.


Samosa is highly popular street food or can say daily evening snack of India. It is almost loved by each and every family or people there. originally filled with the mixture of spiced potatoes and peas or sometimes paneer, the snack tastes amazing with additional sauces.

It is a fried central Asian pastry with savoury filling, that majorly includes ingredients such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat or fish. Made into different shapes such as triangular, cone or crescent which depends on different regions.

Also known with the names such as Rissole or Savoury stuffed pastry, Samosas are often accompanied by chutney and have its origins in medieval times or earlier. Its sweet versions are also served.

Samosas are a famous appetizer or snack in the cuisines of South Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, East Africa and the South Asian Diaspora.


Whereas, Kachumbali or Kachumbari is a salad of just a cut mix of fresh tomatoes and onion. The salad like dish is popularly served in the cuisines of the African Great Lakes region.

Also known as cabbage salad, it is an uncooked salad dish that consists of chopped tomatoes, onions and chili peppers and sometimes lettuce, radish and carrots along with slices of beetroot too.

Other numerous variations of Kachumbari can be found in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and in the Southern African countries of Malawi and Congo.

Notably, the Swahili word Kachumbari has been derived or originated from the Indian word ‘Cachumber’.

Kachumbari is used as a salad side dish with the main meal. In Kenya, it is served as a condiment with pilau or pilaf, mukimo or a meal of nyama choma (roasted meat) and ugali.

However, in Tanzania, it is eaten with rice pilau or pulao or biryani. In Malawi, it is usually eaten on its own like any other salad dish, while in Uganda it is normally eaten with nyama choma.


Elijah K. Samuel Kirichu fans and audience loves to read and watch the content he shares and as usual they showered their blessings by commenting on his post and resharing and hitting the like button.

A person with the username Medy Ivannia commented, “eating 4 Samosas with Kachumbari nowadays is safer than eating 1 smokie at 40ksh.”

Another social media user Benedicto Musiomi wrote, “I have tried them and often wondered the home made aren’t as tasty as these ones.”