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Mauritius: Passing rate for school certificate examinations for 2022, recorded at 78.49%

Mauritius: The pass rate for the School Certificate (SC) Examinations for the year 2022 stands at 78.49%, representing 12,145 candidates, that is, 81.52% denoting 6,857 female students and 5,288 male students (74.87%). 

PSAC 2021-22: Pass rate of 80,6% for Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius: The Director of the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), Mrs Brenda Thanacoody Soborun, expressed satisfaction this morning during a press conference held in Réduit as regards the overall performance of primary students for the Republic of Mauritius who sat for the Primary School Achievement Certificate (PSAC) examinations for the year 2021-2022, which stands at 80,6%, compared to 73,9% last year, therefore representing an increase of 6,7 %.