SA National Defence Force giving graduates a chance

South Africa: It is that time of the year when unemployed South African graduates pack their bags and relocate to different big cities seeking a fruitful life with infinite opportunities.

Mauritius press hold meeting with U.S. expert journalist Nicholas Kralev

Mauritius: Effective diplomacy was at the fore of discussions this morning at a meeting between the United States (U.S.) expert journalist Nicholas Kralev and members of the Mauritian press at the Media Trust in Port-Louis.

Saint Lucia: Dy PM Ernest Hilaire hosts community meeting with residents of Tunnel Road

Castries, Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia and Parliamentary Representative of Castries South, Ernest Hilaire, has recently shared a glimpse from the recent community meeting held on February 1, 2023. During the meeting, Hilaire interacted with the citizens and residents of the Tunnel Road constituency.

15 South African Infantry Battalion were on Observation Post on Jan 28

South Africa: On 28 January 2023 at about 10h30, members of the 15 South African Infantry Battalion were on Observation Post along the Republic of South Africa/Mozambique border in the Bravo Company Area of responsibility when they spotted three vehicles coming from the Northern direction driving Southerly towards the general direction of their Observation Post at the vicinity of Steenbok Trust outside Komatipoort Mpumalanga Province.

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South Africa: National Defence Force informs about promotions, transfers of Army personnel

South Africa: A few weeks ago, it was a buzz of excitement throughout the South African National Defence Force when the bulletin was released, informing the members of the SA National Defence Force about promotions and transfers of SA Army senior principals. Brigadier General H. J. Stroebel was one of the fortunate principals that was blessed with a promotion to the rank of Major General.

SA: Three Army senior officials promote to new roles with handsome salary

South Africa: On Tuesday, the 31st of January 2023, many years of outstanding efforts from three SA Army Senior Officers, Brigadier General Henrich Juan Stroebel, Brigadier General Willbrod Mazibuko and Brigadier General Godfrey Thulare, paid off handsomely as they were preparing to take over new roles.

South Africa: 2023 junior command & staff course welcomed at Thaba-Tshwane city Hall

South Africa: On Tuesday, the 31st of January 2023, Thaba-Tshwane City Hall, which is conveniently nestled at Thaba-Tshwane in the Southern part of the administrative capital was packed to the rafters when the Chief of the South African Landward Force, welcomed the 2023 Junior Command and Staff Course.

SANWC welcomes Int’l Student officers for joint senior command

South Africa: On 15 January, the South African National War College (SANWC) welcomed the Joint Senior Command and Staff Programme (JSCSP) 22/2023 student officers from all four services of the South African National Defence Force, namely SA Army, SA Air Force, SA Navy and SA Military Health Services including Foreign Student Officers from the Republic of Kenya, Republic of Burundi, Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Republic of Zimbabwe, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Arab Republic of Egypt, Republic of India, Kingdom of Eswatini and Kingdom of Lesotho.

South Africa: Military members sacrifice family time for service

South Africa: Being in the military, members tend to travel a lot and stay away from home. Members of the Protection Services mustering are one of the few who see the outside world more than they see their families.