Formerly prisoned Afrika Owes, clears Bar Exam in first try

Afrika Owes was charged as part of a gang-related conspiracy case back in 2011. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession, both felonies.

Global Music Industry facing major changes after launch of AI music generator ‘SUNO’

Suno can bring out the traditional music creation avenues concerning the potential disruptions. Shulman reassured that the mission of Suno is to empower music enthusiasts and not to replace the artists.

Zambia promoted at Australia’s National Multicultural Festival

Zambia is working to increase its volume of Australian tourists following its successful exhibition at National Multicultural Festival.

UK donates K23 million to aid Zambia’s cholera outbreak

The United Kingdom (UK) has provided about K23 million contribution for the cholera outbreak response on Monday.

Zambia participation in FITUR increases tourist arrivals

The Zambia Tourism Agencymuch-awaited International Tourism Trade Fair (FITUR) ends on Sunday. This was the 44th edition of FITUR, and Zambia’s participation at this year’s event has increased.