TPT Global Tech Inc. (OTCMKTS: TPTW) To Launch Beta Version of VOICOPS As Its Secures $240,000 Telecommunications Deal

TPT Global Tech Inc. (OTCMKTS: TPTW) has announced that its Software as a Service (SAAS) Division will launch a Beta version of its Gaming Media App, “VOICOPS.”

VOICOPS to launch on September 8
VOICOPS” is the first gaming-focused APP from the company which will have a REAL-TIME Looking-for-Gather (LFG) function allowing quick live group up of players in games with aural “Chat ROOMS.” Notably, “VOICOPS” has various built-in social media capabilities that allow gamers to share articles, game-play videos, and YouTube video links.
Amazon’s awaited Med Evil New World video game will be the first gaming-focused platform “VOICOPS” will feature in the Beta launch. Amazon’s Beta version will be released on September 9, 2021, while TPT’s “VOICOPS” Beta will be released on September 8, coinciding with the debut of the Mid Evil New World.

TPT Global Tech CEO Stephen Thomas said, “We are honored to be the first to launch a robust interactive feature for the gaming community and market worldwide.”VOICOPS” is the prelude to the upcoming launch of our Super App slated for launch late in the 4th quarter of this year or early in 2022.”

TPT Asia announce $240,000 Telecommunications contracts
Also, the company has announced the signing of a $240,000 annual Telecommunications Service deal through its Hong Kong subsidiary, TPT Asia. Notably, the contract will cover Submarine data transport offering 200G of data service between Singapore and Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Fiber deal will be the first in the many contracts the company expects that was delayed because of the pandemic.

Thomas said, “We are very pleased that TPT Asia is now generating revenue. I know it has been very difficult for our Hong Kong team to gain traction during these trying times due to the pandemic. It’s great to see our domestic and international divisions gaining momentum as we manage our way through this pandemic. Great job team, keep up the good work.”