Two men shot in a hail of bullets in Buffelsdraai – KZN

South Africa: Two men were killed in a shooting incident which happened in the morning hours of Saturday in Buffelsdraai – KZN. The witnesses of the incident described the shooting incident as “A hail of bullets”).

The witnesses of the incident reached out to the Reaction Unit South Africa and asked for help in the morning hours.


Notably, the reaction officers received several calls at the operations center starting from 06:14 Hours. The witnesses reported that multiple shots were fired in the neighbourhood. Some callers believed that the shooting was a part of an armed robbery in progress in one of the houses.

A team of reaction officers was dispatched to the scene to investigate and interview some of the witnesses. After the officials arrived at the scene of crime, the found the body of a man lying on the road.

He had been shot multiple times in the head by unknown persons. This was established by Reaction Unit South Africa Paramedics after they reached and examined the body.

Further, the officers found the body of the second victim at the base of an embankment a few metres away. The Paramedics established that this person was also shot multiple times in the head.

After a brief examination the medical officers declared the two victims dead on the scene of the crime. The officials further found a .38 Special revolver  and a black bag containing live 9mm ammunition.

The weapon and the ammunition was recovered next to the second victim. Approximately 20 spent 9mm cartridges were also found discarded on scene.


The investigating officers have not established a motive for the murder as of yet. The investigation into the matter have started Meanwhile, the people in Buffelsdraai – KZN have given their own insights into the incident.

Some believe that the two deceased victims were involved in fraud and betrayal of some kind. While others have alleged that things are getting out of hand. Majorly, the people are looking at the administration to make things better in South Africa.