UCT VC taunts at student’s rape allegations involving professor

Johannesburg – One unknown social media account, apparently run by a sexual rape victim, has circulated how the University of Cape Town has failed to arrest a professor charged with violating a student. 

It is alleged by the many social media account that the victim was allegedly raped on UCT’s beliefs and that the University has failed to suspend the lecturer concerned.


However, the response from the UCT Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng, has left many people shocked after she tweeted that “the victim had a hidden agenda while doing this and especially after she refused to take assistance from the University.”

Using the anonymous social media account, the apparent victim alleges that the University has instructed them to keep the matter “hidden” and not report it. They also mentioned that they are under witness protection.

As per the media statement of UCT that the whole matter has been reported to the police station and is subject to considerable investigations, including one suspect with police and via the Western Cape Health Department, to which the alleged perpetrator is a worker of both the government and the University via a bilateral contract.

The @Rapeduct1 account is trying its best to get the matter exposed and tweeted last week: “Raped and tortured on premises. UCT aware, VC wants to ensure I’m silenced. One more rape, up for grabs to be silenced and endangered!!” (Sic)


Phakeng was tagged on one of its tweets by the unknown account, and she seemed to scoff at the abuse charges by the student. 

Phakeng tweeted: “This student refused help from the side of University. It’s high time that she needs to speak that what her actual agenda is”. 

In one of her, another tweet Phakeng indicates that the student has been refusing help for more than three years. Perhaps she will be going to take help from you. With us, she chose to pop up every now and then to make these charges against me, she added. 


Phakeng has been widely criticised for her reaction to the allegations.

Meanwhile, in its media statement, UCT did not verify whether the perpetrator had been arrested or not. 

However, there are no typical details have been delivered, and the University reasonably understands from some of the data shared via the tweets that this is in relation to an ongoing matter being jointly addressed by specific departments in government in collaboration with UCT.


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