Ugandan court directs education ministry to teach sex education

Ugandan officials stormed the halls of Green Hill Academy, a prestigious primary school in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, in 2016.

The Minister for ethics and integrity gave orders to the copies of famous writer Jacqueline Wilson’s “Love Lesson”, this is a book which tells the story about how a 14-year-old girl Prudence falls in love with her art teacher.


Ugandan citizens who are not that modern are Conservative Ugandans, said that this kind of book is not suitable for Teenagers. It can brainwash them and lead them on the wrong path. It’s a very sensible book.

Within a month, they banned all books related to sex education. However, last month, a court removed the parliamentary ban, gave the education ministry homework, and wrote a new policy to teach sex education.


Arguement of Researchers:

According to a senior official in the ministry, Ismail Mulindwa argued that teaching about sex education is not beneficial for children because it can lead them to masturbate or make them homosexual.

According to another perspective of President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Janet, the ministry of education, this is the best way to prevent children from sexually transmitted diseases, and giving them the knowledge of condoms is better.

The wife of the Minister seems like the first lady who thinks that conservative pills fail to control pregnancy and deteriorate morals. Ugandans who have a craze of sex take pills, conceive the baby, and then do abortion, which is also harmful to their health.


Deaths by HIV or Aids in Uganda are now in control and declined dramatically in the nation because so many sufferers are now receiving proper treatment. Once upon a time, it was a major killer in Uganda.

Nowadays, more than half of the population know how to be safe from this infection while having sex. Few of them are well aware of contraception.


Uganda need sex Education:

In Uganda, 15% of girls are pregnant and have a baby, and they get married at the age of 15 only, and 50% of girls have been married by the age of 18.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools were closed, and because of this, Uganda pregnancy rate had increased 17%, according to the data of last year March.

The officials writing about the new policy may learn from their past mistakes.

However, some communalists argue that this policy was too Christan; Similarly, Christians think they are not conservative enough.

According to UNESCO, teaching people about condoms is much more effective in controlling pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Even Uganda police also filed a case of a Nine-year-old rape victim who said that a man “fell asleep on her.”