Uganda’s major problem is they waste money in eating, says Minister Kasolo

According to the State Minister for Microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, money is not at all a problem in Uganda, but the misuse of that money is a problem. 

“The problem of Uganda is not lack of money but misuse. Because the government has been sending cash through programmes like livelihood, entandikwa and many others, but still, people have remained poor. The main problem is that people are so addicted to eating everything that comes from the government, and this is really a bad habit and has ensured our people remain poor, said Kasolo. 


On Thursday, the minister spoke to people in Busongora North Constituency in the Kasese district as he continued to spread the gospel of saving as part of the Emyooga program.

Kasolo stated that Uganda has a lot of money, but the problem is how it is used.

The major problem is that once the government provides the money to citizens, they just waste it by eating, and this is wrong. Even if it is money you have just picked, it is yours, and you have to spend it properly. Even if it is a gift to you, do not eat; use it in order to multiply your wealth. Whatever you have, plan it and then use it. 


The minister also highlighted the role of saving as a critical pillar of the success of the Emyooga programme. 

He further told about the part of Emyooga, beneficiaries ought to save with the SACCOs and that this is a way, their saving becomes security for borrowing and getting cheaper credits from the SACCOs. 


According to Kasolo, this is far better than going to banks and moneylenders whose sole aim is only profits. 

The government definitely have money to spend as a part of this programme of Emyooga and many others to ensure its people create wealth. I urge leaders always to remind their electorates to save. If you don’t save, you are convicted, and you will die poor.

Moreover, the Busongora North MP, Sowedi Kitanywa, praised the government for the Emyooga programme that he stated will ensure Ugandans get out of poverty. 

Kitanywa stated, “I want to thank the president for thinking of this programme. It will be going to benefit many and also changes the lives of people.”

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