Vice President Alupo applauds journalists for amplifying government messages

Africa: Vice President Jessica Alupo’ has praised journalists for their work to strengthen messages concerning government programs.

She stated that the work of the journalists in taking the messages to the grassroots was commendable to the work done by the government of Africa.

“The government has created programmes that benefit the general public. As a result, I am here today to recognize the role of the media in informing, educating, and sensitizing the general public, “She stated.

The remarks were made by the Vice President at a ceremony to launch the Teso Media Initiative for Development SACCO. This organization brings together journalists and members of the press in Soroti’s Teso-at Akello Hotel.

According to Alupo that the journalists and the governments have solid symbiotic ties, and dissemination of the programmes of government at both local and national levels is essential, assure them freedom of the press and at the same time also reminding them about their responsibility to be patriotic citizens.

She further asked all journalists to continue their work unitedly and advised that they should do their work diligently with facts.

Alupo rallied journalists on consistency, research-based factual analysis and assured them of the government’s continued support.

Furthermore, she stated, “We value your work because we know it informs, educates, and sensitizes people. We live in the era where every home has a radio, so amplify the message factually such that the audience becomes curious and interested,” Alupo added.

The Vice President rallied the journalists to strengthen the message of the recently launched Parish Development Model (PDM) so that everyone is involved.

“The PDM already launched the new regulations, guidelines and passed their policy. It passed with all enabling laws in place. Please focus on its positive implementation, “Alupo asked, adding that the media will have played a when the program succeeds larger role.

“That is how we are assumed to work symbiotically as we move into the middle-income status,” she highlighted.

While speaking about SACCO, the Vice President counselled the journalists to remain united despite common challenges.

Furthermore, they stated that “your common opportunities and goals should challenge you to sustain the SACCO, with all the financial discipline to grow it further.”

Sacco also received the presidential donation of shs30 million in January, which they ably used to strengthen it by borrowing and returning it for others to borrow from.

The SACCO members promised to put their funds to developmental use for improved livelihoods.

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