UK to impose new COVID-19 restrictions in three nations post-Christmas

Three UK nations have imposed new restrictions after Christmas. The regulations came into force in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Whales as the countries attempted to curb the spread of the virus.

All three countries have already introduced new laws on hospitality. The nation has to follow the rule of social distancing and necessary to maintain that and avoid getting involved in social gatherings.


However, Prime Minister “Boris Johnson” has not announced any restrictions related to COVID-19 in England. But he said, “If required, he would not hesitate to act.”

Over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, no spike in COVID-19 cases have been reported, but they saw a sudden spike in the COVID-19 cases, with a total number of 122,186 in the UK on December 24.

England had the highest infection rate, despite being the only one of the UK’s four nations not to increase restrictions after Christmas Day.

The Health Security Agency of the UK found that the Omicron variant may not cause serious illness as compared to a previous dominant variant, Delta.

Graham Brady, a leading Tory backbencher, said “enough is enough” and welcomed reports that ministers were fighting any new limits. He further added that despite new evidence that the Omicron version will not bring the destruction previously anticipated, legitimate concerns would cancel the new year instead of Christmas being postponed this year.

Moreover, the UK government is trying their best to encourage people to take booster shots to protect themselves from the Omicron variant and strategising to send messages to the nation on Boxing Day to “get boosted now.”


The three countries that have implemented restrictions have selected different criteria. Still, all three include restrictions on the size of meetings, social distance requirements, and stricter laws for pubs and bars and restaurants.

On approaching for one to Boxing Day in Scotland:

Outdoor events will be limited to 500 people, while indoor events will be limited to 100 people standing or 200 seated.

1-meter physical distance is necessary among people.

Restrictions in Wales:

Not more than six people are allowed to gather in pubs, restaurants and cinema halls.
Indoor events will be limited to 100 people standing or 200 seated, while outdoor events will be limited to 500 people.
People are asked to follow 2 metres of social distancing in public.
Nightclubs will be closed.

Restrictions in Northern Ireland:

Indoor events are banned, and nightclubs will be closed.
Restaurants and pubs will provide table services only from December 27, and people will be allowed if they are between six people, not more than that.