United Workers Party seeks to halt development in Dominica

Dominica: United Workers Party has been campaigning against the development projects within the Commonwealth of Dominica. One of the most significant projects which is currently under fire from the political party is the International Airport.

The UWP is opposing the development project to satisfy their own political agendas and hamper the nations prosperity. The United Workers Party has announced in recent media appearances that they are not supporting the development. The political party led by Thompson Fontaine added that they are prepared to do everything to stop the project.


The stance of the political party makes it clear that they are trying to disrupt the progress of the nation. The International Airport is one of the most ambitious projects for the people of the nation.

The international airport will help bring in a significant tourism footfall for the nation. The introduction of direct flights will transform the tourism sector of the nation.

However, the actions of the opposition, if successful could lead to most devastating consequences for the country. Experts suggest that the country’s development streak would suffer destructive effects.

The Commonwealth of Dominica has been working hard to rebuild after the devastation caused by the natural disasters that they faced in the previous decade. Meanwhile, the opposition, United Workers Party does not seem to stand for development in the nation.

The present and former leader of the United Workers Party claimed that they would even go to the Court to halt the construction of the international airport if necessary. Meanwhile, Fonatine or Linton do not have enough concrete evidence to present, which is keeping them outside the court.

The former leader of the United Workers party has been campaigning against the country for several years. Lennox Linton has featured in a number of negative publications against the country which have presented Dominica in a bad light.


The actions of the UWP are making it apparent that they want to defame the nation on an international stage. They

Further, it is also to be noted that the political party has been found guilty of unethical practices such as corruption. They are also encouraging the members of the community to follow their example and forsake productive practices.

In March 2024, the political party encouraged the members of the community to participate in an counter-productive exercise, called “Do nothing campaign”. In this campaign, the UWP asked the people to do nothing and stay in their homes.

The initiative can be seen as an effort to promote lethargy and laziness among the productive members of the community. The people of Dominica opposed the campaign and questioned the motivations of the opposition.

They understood that this campaign did not reflect well on the country and was not practical.