US Actor Morosini’s father catfishes him by posing as girl on Facebook

One of the United States actors revealed how his father once made his Facebook profile posing as the prettiest girl to catfish him, and now he rode the disturbing experience into an award-winning film.

James Morosini, 31, was going through a seriously rough patch with his father, Claudio Lichtenthal, about ten years ago when he decided to cut him out of his life.


However, Lichtenthal wasn’t ready to accept no contact with his son, and that is why he decided to create his fake account in order to make a connection with him, using a photo of a pretty girl to get his awareness.

As Morosini developed romantically interested in the girl, and then he got to know that his father was handling that account, leaving him feeling ‘complete rage and embarrassment.’

Shockingly, the duo have managed to patch up their relationship in the years since, and now Morosini — who has yet had roles in American Horror Story: Roanoke and HBO Max’s The Sex Lives of College Girls — has debuted a film based on the experience, I Love My Dad, at SXSW Film Festival.

Morosini was just 20 and struggling with depression when his relationship with his dad hit a breaking point in real life.

After having a flawed argument, Morosini decided to cut him out completely.

As per his statement, My dad and I got into a big argument; then I decided to block him from social media and everything else because I blocked him on social media; he changed his contact details and social media and his number to ‘Do Not Answer’.


But his father was concerned for him, but a misguided attempt to check on his son came up with a way around Morosini’s boundaries.

According to Morosini, ‘I came home one day. And I got friend requests from a beautiful girl on Facebook. And she was really pretty, and she had many similarities to me and linked all the same stuff.

He and that girl name ‘Becca’ started talking, and he grew more interested and excited about her until he noticed that her email account was exactly the same as his dad’s.

His main intention behind this account was to make sure that I was okay, said Morosini.

Morosini was very angry, and at the same time, he was embarrassed. By then, he and his dad had begun talking again in real life. They are working on their relationship in family therapy, where Morosini confronted him, taking out a printout of ‘Becca’s’ Facebook profile during a session.