Uthukela district first lady leads another campaign to clean Ezakheni

South Africa: South Africa and the rest of the world are celebrating Nelson Mandela Day today by dedicating their 67 minutes to making a difference in society through useful causes.

It is against this backdrop that Ndlunkulu Shabalala led the campaign to clean Ezakheni township section C. The District First Lady Ndlunkulu Shabalala accompanied members of the community to do the work of cleaning this township.


It will be remembered that two weeks ago, they were also in Ezakheni township in the D section doing the same cleaning duties.

According to Mam Ndlunkulu, this is an ongoing campaign as they are prepared to clean up the entire township of Ezakheni.

She went on to say that they will be seen in other places as well.

In the end, she urged the public not to pollute the environment where they live so that the public areas can be clean places and, in turn, avoid diseases.


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