House of Lords of Liphondo holds hands for constitution of Nelson Mandela in Spala

South Africa: The House of Lords in the Eastern Cape province expressed sincere gratitude to the Municipal Council for the inauguration of Nelson Mandela and the city’s leaders, following a visit to the House, which was aimed at observing the good work and challenges.

The chief’s House, which was paid for by its chairman Mr Mpumalanga Gwadiso and the chancellor of the House, Mr Mzikayise Nkantsu, was welcomed with warm hands by the head of the Department of Public Health in the city, Councilor Tshsonono Buyeye, where they first held a meeting with the ordination platform and other relevant leaders.




A visit to the city’s chief of staff was aimed at sharing information on how the ritual of circumcision should be performed so that they could live and live again. This is after there have been no reported deaths of initiates in the municipality. Eleven initiates have died so far in the Eastern Cape.

Councilor Buyeye also encouraged parents to continue to supervise their children when they go to the mountains.

However, the province’s House of Chiefs and political and traditional leaders visited the Walmer and Kwa Magxaki plantations, where they observed the work of blacksmiths and artisans and also empowered the recruits on how to conduct themselves in the community.


Water scarcity was able to take the first steps before the initiation of the ritual of circumcision and where they have been busy equipping boys and girls with the ritual of circumcision. Trucks were also taken out, and they were patrolling with water in bombed areas.

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