Women raped, stabbed; left to die in Johannesburg

One of the South African women, who is 49 years old, was raped, stabbed and then left to die in the Johannesburg south, where she crawled to the nearest taxi station in order to seek help. 

According to an officer who was close to the investigation, the incident happened on March 21 at a field not far from a taxi rank near the Mall of the South, but who is not allowed to speak to the media.

Residents seized the suspect after he was found wearing a blanket that had blood on it.

According to the officer’s statement, that the man confessed to community members as the perpetrator. 

In this incident woman also lost her two front teeth and has lost the use of both her hands, said an officer. 

She was hospitalized for a month. 

Now, she does not have her front two teeth, said the officer, who demonstrated that they were knocked out in the incident. 

As per the officer’s statement, “when I visited the crime scene, it was at the field, under a tree, if you go there and scream, nobody can hear you there.”

When the criminal was arrested, he confessed that he tried to kill the woman, but he denied the fact that he had raped her. He said it was consensual sex, said the officer. 

The suspect will occur in the Booysens Magistrate’s Court next week on May 12, facing rape and attempted murder charges. 

However, sources did not reveal the names and did not want his name to be revealed. 

During 2019/20, 42,289 crimes of a sexual nature were reported to the South African Police Service.

The average time period of getting a sentence was 117 months – roughly nine years and nine months. But for the 32 criminals sentenced for raping men and boys, the average sentence was almost two years longer – 138 months, or 11 years and six months.