13 year kid dies due to labour pain in Domboshava

Young girl aged 13 lost her life due to labour pain at Apostolic Shrine, in Domboshava, after which the husband is facing legal repurcussions

Representative image of a young pregnant lady in labour pain
Representative image of a young pregnant lady in labour pain

Zimbabwe: A young girl aged 13 has lost her life due to labour pain at the Apostolic Shrine in Domboshava.

As per the sources, the identity of the girl is unrevealed as the incident has shocked the people and the circumstances surrounding her death has stirred shock and sorrow within the community.


According to the reports, the young girl was accompanied by her husband, Raymond Guhwa of age 41.

Reportedly, the husband went for the advice and seek it from a midwife at the apostolic shrine during the labour pain of the girl.

Allegedly, husband Guhwa, desired to ensure a safe delivery for his wife and child both, for which he took the advice and aid from the midwife at the shrine.

But unfortunately, despite all the efforts, the whole situation turned upside down when the complications increased during the whole process of the labour, that left the young girl in a very critical condition and made her suffer with the labour pain.

Tragically, after all the efforts by the midwife of the shrine, the 13-year-old girl was not able to bear the labour and pain and tackle the complications that resulted in devastating loss of the young girl and a mother to be.

Notably, the incident took a turn where now it is being questioned and raised the grief about the circumstances that lead to such tragic outcomes like this.


As per the recent reports, the husband Raymond Guhwa is deceased and is now facing legal repercussions.

After the sudden tragic incident, the husband Guhwa was brought to Harare Magistrate – Stanford Ndirowei, where he was presented under the accusations of culpable homicide in connection with the death of his 13-year-old young wife during the childbirth.

During the ongoing investigation of the harrowing incident, the community mourns the loss of a young girl’s life and grapples with the profound implications of the tragic event.

Moreover, the husband was remanded in custody on Feb 09, 2024, for bail application.