13 year-old girl drowned in Port Alfred

In National Sea Rescue Institution, Sunday reported a 13-year-old girl drowning in Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape stated by NSRI Port Alfred duty coxswain Keryn van der Walt.

“While emergency services [officials] were on the site, it was discovered that a 20-year-old local guy had attempted to aid a 13-year-old female from Port Elizabeth who had been taken out to sea by rip currents,” Van der Walt continued.

The male was swept away by the rip currents while attempting to assist the girl.

Van der Walt further continued that a person in a charter boat, Kowie Bunga, first noticed the man in difficulty near the surf line and they were able to rescue him onto their ship.

“As the vessel, Kowie Bunga approached the mouth of the Kowie River, our NSRI marine rescue craft arrived. A medic from the National Sea Rescue Institute boarded the charter boat and began medical care on the critically injured 20-year-old man who was carried to our rescue base.”

He was immediately transferred to the hospital in serious but stable condition.

While he was being saved, a girl’s family could transport her to shore, where paramedics began CPT. She was proclaimed dead after being unable to be renewed.

Meanwhile, rescue teams are searching for a missing man near Jeffreys Bay Beach on Saturday. He was also 20-year-old while doing swimming at Main Beach on Wednesday.

A 20-year-old man has gone missing after he allegedly disappeared while swimming at Main Beach, Jeffreys Bay in the Eastern Cape, the National Sea Rescue Institute said on Wednesday.

Despite intense searches that began at 18:30, Lambinon said there was no evidence of the man.

NSRI officials were still searching along the beach’s shoreline at midnight. An investigation is still going on.

A thorough search has been undertaken, according to NSRI Jeffreys Bay station Paul van Jaarsveld.

“No trace of the missing individual has been found,” he stated.