Speaker suspended Parliament, asked President on arrest of Ennahda official

TUNIS, Tunisia, Reched Ghannpuchi, the speaker of Tunisia’s suspended parliament, said he had written to President Kais Saied, requesting information on Ennahda party official Noureddine Bhairi, who was arrested on Friday.

According to the Moderate Islamist, a party member said Bhairi had been in poor health, and they also got information that Since his arrest, he has been unable to take his daily prescription.


Ennahda members posted some pictures and published videos on Facebook, which showed the supporters gatherings on the gates of the hospital in Bizerte, saying Bhairi had been taken there.

However, the interior Ministry has not confirmed any arrest of Bhairi’s, saying that two unknown individuals have been placed under house arrest to preserve National Security.

Saied’s administration officials could not be reached for comment right away.

Ennaada accused Saied of a coup for suspending parliament in July and accumulating executive powers, said plainclothes agents seized Bhairi on Friday morning.

Plainclothes agents Kidnapped Bairi on Friday morning, according to Ennahda, which has accused Saied of a coup for suspending parliament in July and consolidating executive powers.

Human rights organisations have criticised some of the arrests and the use of military courts to handle cases.

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