“Vaccine Side-Effects are normal” South African govt releases information to clarify doubts

Vaccines of COVID-19 are easily available now in the market and in hospitals, and almost everyone took their both doses of vaccine, and now booster shots are also available too. The sole purpose of immunization is to build up immunity. But not only limited to this,it also help in prevention against 20 other life-threatening diseases.

As per the WHO (World Health Organisation) research, Immunization currently controls more than 2-3 million casualties every year from infections like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza and measles.


Meanwhile, as per the statement released by the United Nations (UN), “As we respond to the #COVID19, we must ensure routine immunizations continue to curb the spread of preventable diseases and avoid the risk of dangerous outbreaks.”

However, some people are still terrified of the vaccines that it carries many side effects that “it is dangerous and many other myths towards the vaccine.”

During which, the South African government take it to Twitter handle in which they clearly mentioned about the side effects and also clarify doubts of people, in which they clearly mentioned that “Side Effects Of Vaccine Are Normal”.

“Lots of people experience #VaccineSideEffects that go away within 2-3 days. These include headache, mild fever, tiredness, soreness or redness around the injections site, muscle or joint pain #IChooseVaccination #VaccinesSaveLives.”

After this post, people have divided it into different categories, some are worried about their health, whereas some are supporting the government’s decision.

According to the one African citizen, “If it kills me ….does that mean it is working really really well? ”


As per one of Twitter user, “Balls, I know a few people myself get blood clots and heart attacks. Please stop lying.”

One Twitter user said that people are spreading propaganda into the country, she had both doses, and even her family also took both doses of vaccine, and they are safe.

However, the government are putting their whole efforts into convincing those who are against the vaccine criteria as well, as they also issued digital vaccination certificate so that country people do not face any issues related to the COVID-19 certificate of vaccines.