Activist, eight journalists arrested as military raids Alternatives DigiTalks offices

One Political activist and author ‘Norman Tumuhimbise’ and nearly eight other journalists and staff of Alternative DigiTalks, an online media platform, were arrested on Thursday and in the afternoon and whisked away in a “drone” following a military raid at their office in Makindye.

They made this development when Tumuhimbise, he is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Alternative Movement non-profit group, was planning to launch his new book called “Liars and Accomplices” on March 30, 2022.


In the book, they highlight the Ugandan government’s excesses, corruption, and human rights violations since 1986, especially the time when President Museveni took overpower.

As per the lawyer ‘Eron Kiiza’ statement that the journalists and other staff arrested along with the activist are: Mukose Arnold Anthony, Faridah Bikobete, Jeremiah Mukiibi, Kato Tumusiime, Lillian Luwedde, Teangel Nabukeera, Rodgers Turyahabwe and Jeje Wabyona.

Furthermore, Kiiza stated that they are currently being held in a special investigation Unit in Kireka.

And as per the other sources, they were heading to the Alternative DigiTalks offices, having moved out earlier, only to find military stationed at the place.

The source also pointed to this website that he tried calling his colleagues who were in the office, but none of them could pick up.

As per her statement, “I was scared, I did not understand what was going with me. I tried to make contact with them, but none of them answered my call, and now their phones are off.”


There is also one video in which it is clearly visible that the military force stationed outside the offices of Alternative Movement, which also houses Alternative DigiTalks in Makindye.

However, our actions to get a comment from security proved futile, as our endless calls and messages went unanswered by the time of writing this report.

The arrest of Tumuhimbise comes at a time when Uganda is still facing so much criticism both nationally and internationally over the arrest and torture of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, another author, for his objection to Museveni leadership.

Kakwenza, who has since fled to Germany, was charged in December 2021 and resurfaced a month after with injuries on his back and lower body. He told the media that he had been tortured while incarcerated, something the security denied.