Africa Weather Forecast announces 02-08 October 2023 climate summary

South Africa: Africa Weather Forecast launched their climate summary in which they reported that Clear skies and rising temperatures are in store for the interior for most of the week, with the northern half of the country experiencing this condition throughout the entire week. 

Conversely, the southern regions will become cloudy and cooler, with light rainfall anticipated primarily over the Western Cape and Eastern Cape from Wednesday into the weekend. The most intense rainfall is expected on Saturday along the south coast.


MONDAY AND TUESDAY: Eastern regions will be cloudy and cool in the morning, with fog patches in certain areas along the escarpment. 

However, expect fine and warm to hot conditions for the rest of the country. Strong north-westerlies will prevail on Tuesday over the central Northern Cape and northeastern KwaZulu-Natal coastline. As per reports, there is a medium chance of afternoon to evening thunderstorms over the central Northern Cape on Tuesday, accompanied by very light rainfall.

WEDNESDAY: Fine and significantly hotter across the country, while the far coastal south and southwest remain warm. Windy over the central Northern Cape exacerbates the chance of veld fires—medium chance of light rainfall in the far southwest and isolated thunderstorms over the central Eastern Cape.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: The southern regions will be cloudy, with a high chance of light rainfall over the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. On Friday, the rainfall may become moderate, especially along the south coast near Gqeberha. Southern KwaZulu-Natal province is also expected to receive some light rainfall on Thursday evening, mainly on Friday, particularly in the southern end of the east coast. 

On Friday, there is a low chance of high-impact rainfall (> 50mm) over the central coastline of the eastern Eastern Cape near Gqeberha.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Showers and thundershowers from the cold front will most likely persist over the country’s southern half (mainly Eastern Cape and Western Cape). 


Over the interior, partly cloudy skies and strong winds are expected to accompany a medium chance of intense rainfall along the south coast. Otherwise, fine and warm to hot elsewhere.