After 116 continuous efforts a man found alive under collapsed building debris in Victoria Street

South Africa: After a painstaking effort of 116 continuous hours, to clear the debris from the collapsed building in George, the rescuers have uncovered a remarkable discovery of a man found alive amidst the wreckage.

As per the Rescue and Recovery team who have entered the 136th hours of the operation on the Day-7 in Victoria Street, George Municipality, confirms that another body was recovered at 2:30 a.m.


Reportedly, the latest recoveries have brought the death toll to 15 and the number of unaccounted workers to 37.

A miraculous survivor who pulled out of the rubble after spending 118 hours on his back and without food or water was identified as Gabriel Guambe aged 32.

Considering this Western Cape Health MEC Nomafrench Mabombo told the search and rescue teams that they were overjoyed to the tiler.

Mabombo said that he was with him in the ambulance and he was talking all the way. His vitals, blood and sugar levels are still fine. It’s a miracle that since Monday, he has no scratches.

The survivor Gabriel Guambe was then transported to the hospital despite of there being no blood on him. The Municipality confirmed last night that he was recovering well and was reunited with his family on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Airport Company South Africa (ACSA) declared that the airspace above the site a no-fly-over zone after officials noticed private drones flying over the area. The airspace was then cleared to allow only rescue drones.


As per the latest update, George Municipality has urgently called for professional support practitioners for the assistance.

The Municipality said further that they are urgently calling for professional psychological support practitioners proficient in Chew, Portuguese and Shona languages to assist survivors and their families.

The municipality added that the National Minister of Police – Bheki Cele is scheduled visit the site later this morning for an official briefing.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town’s rescue technicians have returned to home. Member of Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security – Alderman JP Smith and company stood ready to welcome them all home as they pulled into the fire station in Goodwood.

Following this Premier of the Western Cape – Alan Winde has expressed the sentiments of many when he remarked, “Everybody has been yearning for a miracle. Well, a miracle has indeed transpired.”

The identity of another individual founded, has not been disclosed yet but he was located on what is believed to be the building’s third floor, with the removal of another layer of debris by the rescue teams.

According to the reports, the operations were halted immediately upon hearing the sounds which was emanated from within the rubble, prompting rescuers to engage in dialogue with the individuals trapped inside.

The further related reports, reveals that the survivor is one of the tilers who had been working within the premises, prior to its collapse.

The survivor conveyed to the rescuers that he was feeling pressured on his legs which raised concerns among the rescue team.

Two surgeons were present on the scene to ensure that they could promptly address any potential crush syndrome and related symptoms once the man was rescued.

An additional hole was drilled to insert a camera with a light that enabled rescuers to communicate with the man and provide him with water. The survivor remained in contact with the rescue team but his current condition is not known.

The statistics confirmed from the incident were considered to be the Total estimated individuals present at the site were 81, total patients rescued were 42, deceased ones were 13, currently hospitalised individuals were also 13 and unaccounted individuals were counted to be as 39.

The Joint District Operations Centre meticulously verified the rescue and recovery numbers, by collaborating the closely with the recovery teams, hospitals and forensic services to ensure the accuracy.