Murder suspects self surrender to Lingadzi Police fearing safety

Two murder suspects have voluntarily surrendered to police due to the danger of their own lives and safety.

Malawi: Two murder suspects have voluntarily surrendered to Lingadzi Police due to the danger of their own lives and safety. The Lingadzi Police in Lilongwe had been looking for the two suspects in relation to a singular murder.

The two suspects were accomplices in the murder of a 27 year old Madalitso Magwaya. The Lingdazi Police officers have identified the suspects as 34 year old John Gidala and 42 year old Mavuto Jonas.


The two suspects who surrendered in front of the police force were taken into custody for the crime that were involved in. Lingadzi Police Station publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda confirmed the development in a media interview.

The official police statement was shared with the  members of the media on Thursday. The team has shared that the suspects were arrested for their involvement in the Madalitso Magwaya murder.

The police force also confirmed that the victim’s body was found in Lilongwe River near Kauma Township. Both the hands and legs of the victim had been tied up by the suspects.

“It is also believed that Gidala offered his bicycle to transport the victim to an unknown destination where they hacked Magwaya before throwing him into the river,” he said.

According to Manda, the two had been on the run for several days after the murder and became extremely fearful of their safety. The deceased’s family had been pursuing legal action on the suspects for the death of their loved one.

The suspects have been made aware of the growing tension from the deceased’s family.malawi Accordingly, they found it wise to themselves in the hands of the police before any stricter actions are taken.


The two will be taken to court soon to answer murder case, contrary to section 209 of the penal code which attracts the maximum sentence of death penalty.

Gidala is a resident of the Lipalama Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chimutu in Lilongwe District. Meanwhile Jonas is a resident of the Nkhuthe Village in Traditional Authority Chitukula’s area in the same district.