President Museveni orders of banning all land evictions

During the Uganda Law Society (ULS) meeting, the directive has to get permission from the District Security Committee (DSC) for eviction. A court order issued heavily undermines the judiciary’s independence and effectiveness.

They took these remarks after president Museveni gave the orders of banning all land evictions in the country without the permission of the respective District Security Committees.

During the statement, ‘Pheona Nabasa Wall, the president of ULS stated that this practice would grant the right to hear, resolve, and execute disputes in the hands of the security organs that usurp the judiciary’s power.

Moreover, they recently involved the police in this execution of a land eviction in order to provide security as well as to ensure the enforcement of court orders. The security organs of the security might be informed for the pending eviction as a matter of courtesy, beefing up security and reviving the justice system’s faith in the community’s eyes, said Wall.

She further said the conflict which is going in between the landowners and the residents should be heard before the court of competent jurisdiction.

Wall stated that any misconduct that all actors may occasion should be addressed in courts of law and provides the judiciary and the public justice actors with the necessary means to enforce the law.

She further explained that the Law of Uganda would remain committed to helping the government in all matters affecting ruling and its management and practice of law by its mandate enshrined in Uganda Law Security Act, Cap 276 Laws of Uganda.

She added that society is well aware of the system of land assignment with numerous illegal land evictions, and the Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) have played a role in mediating and resolving some of these disputes.

However, she noted that the judiciary is awarded the mandate to settle disputes and issue eviction notices regarding the evidence presented before the law courts.

In the end, she advised magistrates and other countries that they need to practice their guidelines related to land evictions, transactions and executions, which in their current application involve the police.