ANC confirms NEC Meeting this week, to decide on constitution of Government

South Africa: African National Congress (ANC) will be conducting a National Executive Committee (NEC) Meeting to decide on the constitution of Government this week. The ANC dismisses any fake news attempts that aims to divide the NEC.

ANC stated that they are strongly united and will remain focused on using the mandate given to them by the people to build a better life for all.


According to the immediate press release, ANC confirms of National Executive Committee Meeting that will be held to decide on the constitution of Government this week.

Reportedly, the National Working Committee (NWC) and NEC meetings are on track as planned. The African National Congress, led by the Secretary General – Comrade Fikile Mbalula, is consulting with the mass democratic movement, along with various interest groups and other political parties with a view to achieve national unity.

Considerably, ANC refuses to take any fake news attempts that divides the NEC. They have urged all to rely solely on information from the official channels which are led by the ANC Spokesperson, Comrade Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri.

The press release by ANC further states that they are committed to take the nation into their confidence. The organisation is determined to continuously provide the regular updates, statements and media advisories.

As per the sources, the media will also be invited to the press briefing on conclusion of the next National Executive Committee Meeting. The motto of the meeting will be ‘Let’s do more, together’.

The NEC Meeting is followed by the South Africa National and Provincial elections, that were held in recent days. After suffering with a stunning blow in last week’s election, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has started with the negotiations with its political opponents to begin talks about forming a coalition government.


However, on Sunday the Electoral Commission (IEC) announced that the elections in South Africa were “Free and Fair” but with no single party gaining an outright majority.

The final election results have confirmed that the ANC’s decline in support to just more than 40% of the vote which is far less than the absolute majority that had it for the past 30 years after bringing about an end to apartheid.

Furthermore, the parties have a deadline of two weeks to elect a president and analysts said that the ANC would likely need to concede to an array of demands to bring others on board for a coalition government.