South Africa: Electoral Commission of South Africa has released the latest verified results from South Africa’s National Election.

The results are in the favour of African National Congress, following the Democratic Alliance, uMkhonto weSizwe Party, then Economic Freedom Fighters and some other smaller parties.


Voters for 2024 elections have received two national ballots and around 27.7 million people have registered to vote.

Reportedly, the national ballot contested elections solely by political parties with 200 National Assembly seats which will be allocated from South Africa and contained 52 parties.

Another, the new national-regional ballot, where the independent candidates are standing for the first time, and will contest for the remaining 200 National Assembly seats together with the political parties.

The paper differs from province to province and there are six independent parties running in four provinces.

As per the sources, the partial results may not be an accurate indication of the final outcome because counting from rural areas and townships where the ANC has historically had more support that tends to take bit longer.

The popular density in the different voting districts can get varied. Portion of some results are complete and reflect the percentage of voting districts that have completed their count of the national ballot.


Shared percentage of vote for National and National-Regional Ballots are considered as 15.3 million votes. 22,827 out of 23,292 voting districts completed were counted and verified for national.

Similarly, for national-regional part, 14.6 million votes were counted and verified. 22,784 voting districts out of 23,292 are completed.

In Gauteng 6.54 million voters have registered and the tallied votes are counted to be as 3,660,500 for 2,652 voting districts out of 2,797 as counted.

ANC leads the tally in Gauteng with 34.3% votes, followed by DA with 28% votes, then EFF with 12.9%, MK with 9.7% votes and other small parties.

Considering the votings in KwaZulu-Natal, the registered voters are 5.74 million and counted tallied votes are 3,522,320, for 4,949 voting districts out of 4,974.

ANC is standing with 17% votes, followed by IFP with 18% votes, DA with 13.4% votes, EFF with 2.2% votes and MK is leading with 45.3% votes.

In Western Cape 3.31 million voters have registered themselves, with the tallied votes counted as 1,950,534 for 1,562 voting districts out of 1,572 districts.

Here, Democratic Alliance with 55.3% votes, ANC is following DA with 19.5% votes. Then followed by EFF with 5.3% votes and other small parties.

In Eastern Cape, 3.44 million voters have registered. Referring to the tally 1,701,948 votes have been counted for 4,793 voting districts out of 4,868 districts.

African National Congress is leading with 63.3% beating Democratic Alliance, EFF, UDM with 14%, 10% and 3.8% votes respectively.

There are 2.03 million registered voters in Mpumalanga, with tallied votes counted as 1,145,113 for 1,801 out of 1,811 voting districts.

Another province is Limpopo, which has 2.78 million registered voters with 1,412,575 voted tallied for 3,196 voting districts out of 3,216 districts. ANC is leading here also with 73.4% votes, followed by EFF with 14% and DA with 6% votes.

In North-West region 1.77 million people have registered themselves as voters, with 821,703 votes tallied for 1,689 voting districts out of 1,738 districts.

Here, also ANC is leading with 58.5% votes, then EFF is with 17.3% votes and Democratic Alliance with 12.7% votes.

Free State is another place where ANC is leading with 52% votes, followed by 21.7% votes earned by DA and then 13.5% votes earned by EFF 1.45 million voters have registered themselves as voters. The tallied votes are counted as 833,839 for 1,584 voting districts out of 1,586 districts.

The region of Northern Cape has 655,286 registered voters, with votes tallied as 400,185 for voter turnout 61% for all 730 voting districts.

In this region, Africa National Congress (ANC) is leading with 49.34%, followed by Democratic Alliance 21.19%, then Economic Freedom Fighters with 13.25% votes and PA with 8.64 votes.

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