Astra Veda Corporation (OTCMKTS: ASTA) Offers Update on Transformation Initiatives and OTCIQ Application Status

Astra Veda Corporation (OTCMKTS: ASTA) has offered an update to investors and shareholders regarding the recent interest in the company’s stock.

Astra Veda offers an update on recent interest in its stock

CEO and Chairman Mick Daviss said, “We recognize your energetic and creative social media posts and your tremendous support and due diligence. Your faith in our team is a sincere honor and your encouragement is appreciated. We enjoy reading your comments and retorts to unkind rumors and statements from professional message board influencers.”

Davis reiterated that since the change of leadership in April 2019, Astra Veda has not used, paid, or endorsed compensated Investor Relations campaigns. He added that the company’s former CEO might have taken part in the dubious behavior despite continued denial, but the company’s current endeavors will be straightforward and honest. Davis added that the company would be transparent going forward. Most importantly, the company was releasing shareholder disclosure materials as reviews and curated for correctness and accuracy.

Astra Veda’s OTCIQ application approved

Recently the company announced the approval of its OTCIQ application by the OTC Markets Group. Davis said that thanks to the initiatives from the company’s team, and support from a significant investor, they have transformed the company into a straightforward and bright trajectory.

Davis stated, “We will meet the S.E.C. Rule 15c-211 amendment requirements with updated OTC disclosures before the deadline. We have a prosperous horizon ahead coupled with our focused strategy. We are not deviating from that course of action no matter the rumor or emotion of the day. Our draft OTC Markets disclosure is being reviewed by a highly qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA), then will be reviewed by a designated attorney to fulfill the requirement of Attorney Letter With Respect to Current Information. Once these steps are completed, we will upload the finalized disclosures to be reviewed and accepted by the OTC Markets Group.”

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