Botswana: Yesterday, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Water Affairs, Dr Kekgonne E. Baipoledi, honoured the One on One consultative meeting beckoned by the Kanye South Member of Parliament Dr Lemogang Kwape at Kanye to deliberate on water scarcity issues that have greatly affected Kanye Village.

Dr Lemogang Kwape and his ward Councilors raised concerns that their constituents are greatly affected by the water shortage. They indicated that the little water that is being pumped from the tanks is lost into the ground because the pipelines are worn out.


Dr Lemogang Kwape said there is an initiative that they have made to lobby former Water Affairs employees to assist by identifying old pipe networks.

In response to their concerns, Dr Baipoledi indicated that the Ministry is aware of the situation in Kanye. He said the preliminary work has already been completed by bringing water through the NSC project. The replacement of a worn out pipe network is another project that needs to be given the utmost attention, and it will alleviate the shortage upon completion. He said the project is planned for in the National Development Plan 12 (NDP 12), and it will be rolled out in phases.

Sharing the same sentiments, the Project Officer, Mr Robert Modise, said the Ministry has Emergency Works plans that are set up on some of the highly affected wards such as Ntsweng, Mahikano, Taukobong, Goo Kgano, Mmamokasi, Sethugetsane, Legabo and Mathubapula; A tender was closed in September 2022, its currently at the evaluation stage, will be completed by the end of February 2023 and anticipated to commence in April 2023.

However, Mr Patrick Lekote, the Lead Engineer, stated that the Water Utilities ground team in Kanye has met and will now be working closely with the former DWA retirees for improved service delivery in Kanye.

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