Cameroon: Ngannou urges FECAFOOT to stand strong against threats

Francis Ngannou released a message addressing Indomitable Lions against the threats received by Samuel Eto’o to Fire the coach Rigobert Song.

MMA Fighter Francis Ngannou while practising
MMA Fighter Francis Ngannou while practising

Cameroon: The popular MMA Fighter Francis Ngannou released a message in which he addressed the Indomitable Lions – ‘FECAFOOT’, related to the threats received by Samuel Eto’o to Fire the coach Rigobert Song.

The fighter encouraged the National Football Team of Cameroon – Fecafoot, to step up and be determined to save Roger Mila and Samuel Eto’o’s legacy.

Francis Ngannou, on Jan 21, 2024, wrote on his official social media handle, “Guys, our charisma is at stake, Roger Mila and Samuel Eto’o’s legacy is at stake.”

He added, “We are losing capital ‘L’ from the Indomitable Lions, without which we are no longer the Undisputed Lion but just a lion among many.”

“Until anybody talks to us in any manner. That, oh, they take themselves for the continent, oh tell Ngannou to delete this (I’m not deleting anything, and if it pisses you off, you jump, you shut up in the air); as if we were no longer a threat and meanwhile, we agree with them,” said Ngannou.

President Samuel Eto'o with Coach Rigobert Song
President Samuel Eto’o with Coach Rigobert Song

He also said that it is time to regain our ferocity, our determination, and our Hemle, not to be confused anymore. “Even when we graze the herbs, we are invited to the feast. It’s the world upside down,” said the fighter.

Recently, the President of the Cameroonian Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o Fils, has received threatening messages to fire Rigobert Song as coach of the team Fecafoot, which quotes, “Aren’t you ashamed of humiliating Cameroonians? I’m going to fire you! If you don’t do the job, I’ll fire you. You are incapable of taking the team play.”

Francis Ngannou is touched by the widespread derogatory remarks about Cameroon, which were followed by the underwhelming performance of the team Fecafoot at the AFCON 2024 match.

Fecafoot - Cameroon Football Federation
Fecafoot – Cameroon Football Federation

Following the message, Cameroonian singer Mani Bella wrote, “There you go! The strongest man in the world has spoken! Cameroonian Cameroon, stand up! Let’s support and be proud.”

Another musician, Salatiel, commented, “Cameroon, stand up!”

Public figure Makosso Camille wrote, “Come and eat garba brother, leave these players, they are treats.”

Many famous personalities have come up and showed their support towards the encouraging message.

People not only just supported him but also encouraged him for his upcoming match with Anthony Joshua, which is to be held on March 9, 2024, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.