Western Cape

Mayor Lewis comes in support of people who lost life in shooting at Khayelitsha barbershop

An unknown gunmen entered the barbershop and opened fire at the occupants in which two children aged 11 and 12, and also an adult were killed on the scene, while three other children were rushed to the hospital after sustaining the injuries.

Cape Town continues struggle as several areas submerge in flood

Downpours are however expected to continue throughout the day and assessments on the ground are still going on as reports come in.

Rapid School Build programme completes construction of Phase-01 Lwandle Primary School

Rapid School Build (RSB) programme by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is building more accessible and resilient spaces to enhance the learning and play.

After 116 continuous efforts a man found alive under collapsed building debris in Victoria Street

The survivor was then transported to the hospital despite of there being no blood on him. The Municipality confirmed last night that he was recovering well and was reunited with his family on Monday, May 13, 2024.

Western Cape becomes most popular destination, increases tourists by 16%

Tourism is a cornerstone of the strategic economic initiative G4J which stands for ‘Growth for Jobs’ and the government is ambitious to stimulate the economy, attract investments and create job opportunities that transform lives and lift many more residents from poverty to prosperity.