Centenary Bank appoints Michael Bulyerali as a Digital Communication Manager

The Centenary Bank has appointed ‘Micheal Bulyerali’ as a Manager of Digital Communication, which is a fundamental; arm in the bank’s marketing and communication division.

Bulyerali, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with a Master of Management Studies in Marketing Management and a Diploma in Professional Marketing – Digital Strategy, is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK and possesses vast experience in the fields of digital communication, public relations, and marketing.

He has an outstanding amount of knowledge, especially in corporate communications, which he gained by investing seven years of his life in executing effective internal communication, media and public relations, digital communications strategies as well as crisis communication.

Before being appointed as a Manager of Digital Communication, Bulyerali served as a Corporate Communication Specialist at the bank.

In the past many years, Bulyerali has gained knowledge and experience in online marketing, advertising, search engine optimization and google analytics, components that come in handy for his new position.

Bulyerali’s appointment has been welcomed and hailed by Centenary Bank’s executive management as well as colleagues. Bulyerali is known to most as a team player with diligence and a strong sense of integrity.

In his new job, he is only responsible for leading, developing, implementing, and monitoring the execution of the bank and the bank’s digital marketing and communication strategy to drive online customer acquisition, retention and engagement.


Centenary Bank is a commercial bank in Uganda licensed by the Bank of Uganda, the central bank and national banking regulator.

The established the bank in 1983 as a credit trust, Centenary Rural Development Trust (CRDT), by Simeon Lutaakome, Hugh Francis Pulle, Paul Kateregga, Vincent Kirabo kya Maria, Emmanuel Mpande, and John Ogutu.

In 1985, CRDT started to provide financial services to the public. However, the bank became a fully licensed commercial bank in 1993, after receiving a license from the Bank of Uganda. As of May 2016, Centenary Bank was the largest majority indigenous Ugandan commercial bank.