Police intensifies operation boda bodas criminal gang, backlists motorcycles, arrests 13

Police have arrested 13 members of the criminal gang that operates on Boda Bodas to terrorize public members, especially foreigners they target for their cash.

Last week, footage of CCTV camera video was leaked in which they showed that the gang members seizing on Dawit Kasa, a diplomat at the Ethiopian Embassy in Kampala, in broad daylight.

On February 25, 2022, along with Charles Drive in Kololo, Kasa, who was carrying a bag on a Boda Bodas, was sandwiched by the gang who intercepted the motorcycle he was riding to beat him.

Whereas he sought assistance from nearby Boda Bodas, who he believed could assist, they too pounced on him. Eventually, his bag containing shs2.8 million, laptop, and phones were stolen before the gang members jumped on their Boda Bodas and vanished in thin air.

According to police spokesperson ‘Fred Enanga’, while speaking with journalists, he stated that an operation carried out by the Police Flying Squad has led to the arrest of 13 gang members, including the ring leaders.

There are 13 members in the gang in which Abdulrahman Bakata, alias Pancho and Gordon Ssegirinya, have been arrested by the Flying Squad, who have strengthened their operations targeting the gang. Since their arrest, there hasn’t been any attacks and robberies,” said Enanga.

He stated that the gang mainly works for Wilson and William streets in the city centre, Kololo, Kawempe, Kireka, Kisenyi, industrial Area, Kabalagala, Namirembe road, and as far as possible Jinja city.

As per Enanga, they tracked the gang with the help of CCTV cameras in order to show their activities.

He stated that the two gang leaders also took part in the incident, which happened last week, in which they targeted the Ethiopian diplomat.

Furthermore, they stated that they have arrested Pancho several times and benefitted from the non-stringent bail terms.

Enanga stated they are examining another attack on a Chinese national where a fellow Chinese was seen in the car that transported the attackers.

Motorcycles blacklisted:

The police spokesperson said police had blacklisted at least seven motorcycles used during these attacks and robberies.

“We have seven motorcycles recognised and blacklisted. We are really working hard so that we can seize them for being used in attacks. We are also working hard to trace for all suspects believed to have participated in these attacks.”

The police spokesperson, however, asked members of the public to always come to the help of victims in case of these attacks.

Enanga urged the public when they saw the footage of the attack location. They observe that other public members were there, including bystanders, motorists, and other people on Boda Bodas who do not assist victims. After seeing this, Enanga urged the public to be more aware to take action when they notice these attacks and have to come for the help of victims.