Cleanup exercise undertaken in Phakalane

Zambia: Phakalane Ward Development Community has teamed up with several other stakeholders to organize a cleanup campaign. The initiative included several members of the ward who embarked on a clean up campaign in Phakalane.

The cleanup exercise is a part of the Gaborone city’s mandate to make the capital of Botswana more beautiful, hygienic and clean. The district council has been engaging in the community cleanup for several months.


They have been conducting regular patrols in the various neighbourhoods of the community. The aim of the community is to ensure that no illegal dumping of waste cam be done in any illegal locations.

The purpose of this exercise was to ensure that the community lives in a healthy environment for good health. The people of the Gaborone City Council shared that the they are dedicated to ensuring that the community remains clean and hygienic.

Broadhurst Customary Court President Kgosi Richard Kwapa participated in the cleanliness campaign. He encouraged community members to take responsibility in everything happening around them.

The people of the country have to learn to manage issues such as waste management. He noted that clean environment contributes to a healthy living therefore proper waste disposal should be priority.

Kgosi Kwapa urged the community to take care of the environment and report those who illegally dump waste around undesignated areas so they can be taken to task.

Ward Development Community Chairperson Gaoralalwe Seloilwe spoke of the initiative and its significance. He noted that the initiative will show the significance of living in a clean surrounding.


He also expressed his gratitude to everyone who enabled the day to be successful sighting that the turn up proves how much they value this initiative.

Seloilwe said community members should be engaged in some productive ideas of re-using and re-cycling waste for a living as this can also help in managing waste while also benefiting from it.

Some of the stakeholders who took part in this exercise were SPAR(Acacia Mall),SMC Brands and Phomolong.