Cultural concert will be held on March 26 at National theatre

Musician of french ‘Alica will perform with James Ssewakiryanga Junior, who is also familiar with the name of Ssewa Ssewa, the founder of Janzi Band has promised to give a stealer performance during a concert which is organized by Alliance Francaise Kampala and Uganda National Cultural Centre in Kampala.

The concert, which is part of the Francophone month, is going to be held on Saturday, March 26, at the National theatre.


According to Alicia’s interview, who belongs to France, “This is my first time performing in Uganda, and I am ready o perform in this country because I have to discover a lot of things, that country is going to offer me. However, I must say that I am fully prepared for a massive performance during the concert.”

However, Ssewa Ssewa could not agree more, adding that together with his Janzi band, they have prepared to give the audience their best performance.

Furthermore, they added that “with the band of Janzi, we are happy to be the part of this band this year, and we are all ready to give our best.”

He also revealed that they would be looking forward to having a collaboration with the French singer.

According to the founder of the Janzi band that “We are hoping that this is going to be a long term collaboration with her, and sell us out there. We always listen to her music, and we shall find out how we can collaborate on this more extensive project. We are trying to work on something as a band and hope that we can do some recording with her.

Alica stated that “she would be welcomed with warm hands by Uganda public because she has a mixture of french music with Uganda traditional; instruments as played by Janzi band.


According to the Cultural Coordinator of Alliance Francaise Kampala, Ssewa , the concert will launch their return to National Theatre. It is just a startup, and many things are in line to come.

He noted that in the future, French lessons will always be offered at the National Theatre and not the Alliance Francaise offices in Bukoto as before.