Curse continues, Proteas face heartbreaking defeat in WC23

South Africa: Proteas lost their fourth World Cup Semi Final in the 2023 edition of the tournament. The string of Semi Final defeats, something many fans of the team believe to be a curse remains unbroken.

This is despite the fact that the team fought very hard to defend the target of 213 runs. The South African team has reached semi finals four times in their career.


However, despite being one of the best performing team, did not make it to the finals even once. Some fans of the Proteas believe that the team is under a cursed which does not let them win.

Despite the continued semi final losses, the fighting spirit of the team deserves recognition. It is worth noticing that even though the target was less than ideal, the Bowling lineup of South Africa did their best to make the Kiwis struggle for every run.

The second semi finale of the 2023 Cricket World Cup was played at the Eden Gardens of Kolkata. The Proteas won the toss and decided to bat first. The team was confident in their ability to score a grand target for their opponents as they had done in many previous matches of the tournament.

However, the Australian Bowlers did not let that vision of the team come to pass. Ace bowlers in the Aussie team severely restricted the flow of runs and South Africa was bowled out at total of 212 runs.

It was made possible by joint effort of the whole Aussie Bowling lineup, with special mention to Mitchell Starc and Pat Cummings.

The final few overs of the World Cup Semi Final saw the Proteas giving the Kiwis a hard time for every run they scored. The teams gave audiences a nail biting final, where till the last few overs, the result could tip in favour of either team.


The Proteas were one of the top ranking teams in the 2023 Crickets and they had some impressive victories etched to their name. The team even gave one of their opponents the most impressive target of over 400 runs.

However, they were unable to recreate such magic for the match that mattered and were faced with heartbreaking defeat