Cyberlux Corp (OTCMKTS: CYBL) and Strike Group Partner to Deliver FlightEye Drone Solutions

The press report released on 24th September 2021 says that the Cyberlux Corp (OTCMKTS: CYBL) and Strike Group, LLC will provide FlightEye Drone solutions and  Cyberlux framework products to US agencies and commercial markets. The Cyberlux Corporation is one of the leading providers of LED lighting and active technology solutions. As announced by the company that they will form a contract with the Strike Group, LLC to drive the revenue of FlightEye Drone solutions.

Cyberlux Corporation is a leader in solid-state lightning innovation by LED lighting and energy-efficient technology. This Corporation is actively pursuing its contracts with UAS technology and drone service providers.

Strike group LLC is the world’s most significant leader in infrastructure delivery, material sourcing, and logic for the US, Defense Department, and marketplace. This group manages the worldwide logistics programs for the US Marine Corps, the airport runway, and building infrastructure.  It has office locations in Las Vegas, San Diego,  Chicago, and Indianapolis.  The founder of The Strike group, LLC is Mr.Lane Coleman, a retired naval officer with a very well-known military career in the Navy.  After accomplishing his 20 years of active duty to serve as an intelligent maritime officer, he retired in 2009  and currently serves as the Strike Group, LLC Chief Executive Officer.

Management Statement

In one of his interviews, the CEO of the Cyberlux Corporation said that his company workers are much excited to launch the channel delivery partnership. They are extremely excited by their DoD reach and delivery capabilities. From the infrastructure point of view, the Strike Group has many projects in progress, and the Cyberlux products are a perfect fit for these projects.

Lane Coleman, the CEO of the Strike Group, appreciates the Cyberlux products for their outstanding service and bringing total support to the market. The FlightEye Drone Solution products will surely deliver the market leadership to Cyberlux and the Strike Group. Strike Group is looking forward to working with Cyberlux to serve the Department of Defense and a few government agencies.