Darkpulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS) Announces Plans to Acquire Remote Intelligence, LLC and Wildlife Specialists, LLC

Darkpulse Inc (OTCMKTS:DPLS) announced that it had signed two letters of intent (LOIs) to get controlling positions in Wildlife Specialists, Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Remote Intelligence, LLC. The company made the announcement on June 8, 2021.

DarkPulse is a technology company specialising in the production, sales and installation of laser sensing systems that use its patented BOTDA darkpulse sensor technology. These advanced laser systems offer quick and accurate tracking of stress, temperature and strains. This technology is often applied to mining systems, pipeline monitoring, the structural components of aircraft and other types of structural monitoring.

Terms of the LOIs

Under the terms of the LOIs, DarkPulse will acquire 60% of both companies for a total of $1.3million. Of the amount, DarkPulse is to pay $1million in cash while the remaining $300,000 will be paid in DarkPulse’s common shares. The $1million is expected within 12 weeks of closing, and the $300,000 is anticipated upon closing. More money is to be invested in Remote Intelligent’s current projects to expand the firm. The firms will discuss the final terms for the acquisition in a binding definitive agreement that will be entered before or on closing.
According to DarkPulse COO Kenneth Davidson, the acquisition will allow the company to expand the capabilities of its system and create new services that will bring growth to all three firms.

The acquisition will also help all three companies provide high-quality services and expand globally. Remote Intelligence and Wildlife Specialists will benefit significantly from services offered by DarkPulse. The DarkPulse fibre could be instrumental in locating problems in infrastructure and thus allow Remote Intelligence and Wildlife Specialists to deploy remote drones and field inspectors respectively to the site to fix the issue. The DarkPulse fibre could also transmit this data back to the companies’ headquarters from places with low cellular connectivity.
Davidson also believes that the acquisition will not only integrate their systems but will also allow DarkPulse to expand its services to Remote Intelligence’s customers.

Remote Intelligence, LLC and Wildlife Specialists, LLC

Remote Intelligence has aerial drone systems which offer quick site mapping and aerial inspection services. Wildlife Specialists, on the other hand, provides services for wildlife assessment, planning and monitoring.