Sudan security forces kills three more civilians, death poll rises to 76: Reports

Sudan security forces have killed three protestors during the protest, and the death toll reaches 76 in the anti-coup demonstrations. Moreover, a rally called for civilian rule almost three months after the military coup.

On January 24, Monday, two protestors were killed in the capital of Khartoum in which was killed due to a bullet in the chest, and the second one got a bullet in the head as per the Doctors of Sudan. However, the third was from the city of Wad Madani, south of Khartoum, with shots to the head and his shoulder said committee.


They added that other protestors were injured in the capital and the city of Omdurman.

Moreover, the latest counts of death in Sudan reached 76 in the protest of anti-coup demonstrations, as per the team of medics.

According to the doctors’ group, “our people are protesting peacefully and all form of nonviolent protest to stop towards a free, democratic and just country only to encountered by the military with the high number of worst crimes.”

Sudanese security forces tear gas in the nation during protests. On Monday, they fired tear gas and stunned grenades and water canon with red water at protestors on those who attempted to march a rally towards the presidential palace in Khartoum.

In the capital twin city of Omdurman, they set heavy security there and spread tear gas on a main road of the capital.

Neighbourhood opposition committees called the protestors, in which they showed support to them and gave them a new Perspective called “no legitimacy, no negotiation, no partnership towards the military forces.”


This kind of protest is going from when the military took power on October 25, ending a partnership with civilian political parties since ruler Omar al-Bashir was expelled in 2019.

The confirmed deaths during the protest were 76, and the estimation of injured people is nearly 2000 as per the reports of medics and people killed mainly by gunshots and tear gas canisters.

However, in the city of Wad Madani, there was no protest reported, where the witness mentioned that protestors marched towards the house of a protestor killed on Friday before heading to the state government building.

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